Estuarine & Coastal Fluid Dynamics Summer School 2009

University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories, San Juan Island, WA, USA

Rocky Geyer (WHOI)
Parker MacCready (UW)

July 20 - August 21, 2009

Class Photo
This is a 5-week summer school for physical oceanography grad students. It consists of lectures by MacCready and Geyer on fundamental fluid mechanics at estuarine and coastal scales. We stress ideas of stratified turbulence, internal hydraulics, tidal and tidally-averaged estuarine circulation, and river plumes. This conceptual base is broadened with lectures from 5 distinguished visiting scientists. Students do research projects using observations and modeling at three nearby field sites, culminating in a short written report and talk at the end.


TA: Sally Warner (UW)

Postdoc Assistant: Dave Sutherland (UW)


  • Kelly Cole (TAMU)
  • Elisabeth Fischer "Lissy" (IO-Warnemuende)
  • Christopher Holleman "Rusty" (UC Berkeley)
  • Rachel Horwitz (WHOI)
  • Eleanor Howlett (POL & Bangor Univ.)
  • Joseph Jurisa (Rutgers)
  • Yun Li (U Maryland, Horn Point)
  • Lissa MacVean (UC Berkeley)
  • Felipe Pimenta (U Delaware)
  • Aurelian Ponte (UCSD-SIO)
  • Heather Robinson "Eve" (UC Berkeley)
  • Sutara Suanda "Ata" (OSU)
  • Amy Waterhouse (U Florida)