Professor of Sociology and Geography,
University of Washington

Office: 113 Savery Hall

Phones: 206-543-2051(w) 206-523-2673(h)

Pete's Office Hours, Autumn, 2002: 3, Tuesday; 2:30, Wednesday; 11:30, Thursday

Picture of Pete Getting Ready to Kiss a Baby. Baby is actually his grand nephew, Zachary Mason Guest, San Antonio, Texas. Guess which one is Pete!

For another great picture of Pete with his Soc. 220 TAs in spring, 1999, click here


Pete's curriculum vitae GUESTCV02.doc

Pete's email address peto.u.washington.edu

Pete’s courses for the current quarter, plus associated materials, are available

    for viewing at www.soc.washington.edu

Pete’s career as a soccer player is slowly coming to an end. Pete got cut from

    his over-40 team, the True Flounders. He still plays with the Red Tide

    Steeler Studs in the over-50 senior division. If you want to find out how

    Pete’s team is doing(not so well), then look at the standings at www.gssl.org.

Pete's Recent Papers: a Sampling

  • Some Evolving Thoughts on Leo F. Schnore as Social Scientist schnore.doc
  • Demographic Transition (with Gunnar Almgren) DEMTRAN2.doc
  • Mediate Community, forthcoming in Urban Affairs Review, May, 2000