Real Audio Broadcasts in Spanish, Porgutuese, Catalan or Gallego (plus a few in French, Italian, etc.).
(Most are live and direct; a few require Real Video)

Hot Links to other live radio sites from around the world on the Internet.

Argentina: News from Latin America. ("La mejor música argentina en Internet"). Radio Córdoba: Noticias y deportes. (Clarin Newspaper, Buenos Aires)

Barbados: Barbados: Caribbean news and features in English.

Brasil: Music, news, sports from Rede Itatiaia (Belo Horizonte).
Revista Jovem


Cuba: (Amherst: archive of recent Cuban broadcasts; under construction)

España: (EuropaPress) (Madrid) Inauguration message from J. M. Aznar
(Cataluña): (4 stations)
(Galicia): Santiago de Compostela: Radio-TV (varios), Deportes, Libros, etc. (error de Java, pero no importa).

Europe: Pan-European business news/TV, live programming, on-demand specials.

France: French news (headlines and samples) French public TV network French International radio show with music and news. Paris: RA interviews (including with Bill Gates) Lists numerous websites for French Radio and TV stations. (Music, news in French, but from Montreal y Quebec)

Italia: Real Video Piedmont News relayed via IRRS-shortwave including UN, UNESCO, etc. broadcasts.

México: Financial and historical information. El segundo informe de Gobierno.

Panamá: "El Siglo" (el diario de mayor circulación en Panamá).

Portugal: Lisbon Re-broadcast of Portuguese national news program, Novo Jornal

Texas (Houston): CBS news in Spanish.


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