Shinta’s  Spanish host family
L - R : Marie, Manolo, Laura, Vanessa, and Almudena oo.. and kiko too (the little dog :)


Shinta’s host sisters in Cádiz
Me, my host sisters, and Adolfo (Vane´s boyfriend) in Vane´s room


NW Cádiz Group in Grazamela (Grazalema con jamon)
Excursion to Grazamela - Patricia, Yuka, me and Julliane


Reception: El Casino (Welcome Party)
NW Cadiz program welcome party (Patricia, me, Julliane, Yuka and David) (casino)


Me and girls in Flamenco dress
Excursion to Ronda - There was a big Corrida de Toros party in town




Shinta at Campo del Sur (view)


Went to Sevilla with Kelsey and Yuka (pretty sad day cause Yuka got rob when we were there:


Beach in Valencia
Relax in the beach after the tomatina party