Alfonso X, el Sabio



Alfonso directs the musicians and dancers in praise of the Virgin and the Child (Panel 1, Cantiga de loor No. 120)

Map I: 13th century Spain, reflecting the progress of the Reconquest
Map II: the Cultural Role of the Iberian Peninsula

Resumen/Summary de las obras comisionadas por Alfonso X (con breve descipción de algunas) / of the works commissioned by Alfonso X (with brief description of some).

Scientific Works
Arabic Learning:
  • Outline of main figures (Arabs, Jews) in the East and in Spain from the 8th century
    Summaries of the Activities of the Toledan School of Translators:
  • Works commisioned by Archbishop Raimundo (Alfonso's predecessor)
  • Works commissioned by Alfonso Christian and Jewish Translators Legal Works About ; more background and sample laws
    Historical Works: Estoria de España y General Estoria
    Poetic Works (poetry written and/or overseen by the King)
        Cantigas de Santa Maria (de loor y milagros: in praise of and miracles)    Cantigas de escarnio y maldizer (Satire):

       Music (article): Hendrik van der Werf. "Accentuation and Duration in the Music of the Cantigas de Santa Maria

    Music in the Age of Alfonso X: Video FFH2331, 20 min., OUGL Media Center
    (Summary: Alfonso the Tenth earned the sobriquet "the learned" as one of the central cultural figures of 13th-century Europe. Centering on the Cantigas de Santa Maria, this program describes the cultural currents in the Spain of his time with particualr emphasis on the music of jongleurs and troubadours.) and
    Art in the Age of Alfonso X: Video FFH2379, 25 min.
    (Summary: During the reign of Alfonso el Sabio art and intellectual endeavor flourished in Spain. His reign marked the end of the Romanesque style and the flourishing of Gothic art.)