Spanish 480: Winter 2012

Spanish Medieval Literature (Tenth throuth Fifteenth Centuries)

Description: A survey of the principal literary works of the Spanish Middle Ages within the context of the evolving intellectual, spiritual, and artistic climates of the period, covering the evolution of prose and narrative and lyric verse in both traditional and learned manifestations.

Required readings: All are included in the two prepared packets, available at Ave Copy (Univ. Ave. N.E ) and one textbook (see below for the required edition) :

Fernando de Rojas. La Celestina. Ed. Patricia Finch. Juan de la Cuesta, Cervantes & Co. 2003. ISBN 1-58977-011-0 (This very edition, please) U Book Store

Packet # 1: Primary Texts (selections): Jarchas, cantigas de amigo, villancicos, Berceo Milagros de Nuestra Señora, Alphonsine prose, Don Juan Manuel, El conde Lucanor, Juan Ruiz, Arciprreste de Hita, Libro de buen amor, Santillana Serranillas, Juan de Mena Laberinto de la fortuna, Manrique Coplas por la muerte de su padre, Romances, H. del Pulgar Letras. Keep in mind that nearly all texts are available online, some with confronting original/modernized texts, some w/ English, or audio (oral version of the material). is just one of many good places to check (provides links to many online etexts). However, I've given you bilingual Spanish-English or modernized texts in all cases (which makes the reading packet a bit thick, but...)

Packet # 2: Required critical reading

P. E. Russell. Spain. A Companion to Spanish Studies. Gifford, Hitchcock, Tate, Elliot & Glendinning essays.

Robert Delort. Life in the Middle Ages. Edita Lausanne Publishers, excerpt: "The Vision of the Universe"

E.M.W. Tillyard The Elizabethan World View and A. O. Lovejoy, The Great Chain of Being (resúmenes de conceptos básicos).

Pedro Salinas. Reality and the Poet. Cpt. 1 and the first half of cpt. 2 (on PMC and Manrique).

Jorge Guillén. Lenguaje y Poesía. Essay on Berceo, pp 11-30.

Document: Expulsion of the Jews from Spain: 1492

J. Huizinga. "The Vision of Death", cpt. XI, Waning of the Middle Ages (disponible en espaňol también, en Suzzalo).

Resumen de conceptos fundamentales de The Elizabethan World View (de E.M.W. Tillyard) y The Great Chain of Being (de A.O. Lovejoy)

Optional? critical reading for Undergrads

For background, the first 155 pages of Gabriel Jackson's Making of Medieval Spain provides a very accessible overview of major historical events. E.M.W. Tillyard's Elizabethan World Picture (a 45 min. read) is equally useful for getting a better idea of the medieval world view which informs much of the literature we will be reading. Numerous other, similar books are available in Suzzalo in Spanish and/or English. Huizinga's Waning of the Middle Ages is particularly useful for understanding the 15th century. See me immediately if you're having difficulty finding sources you wish to consult. Many of the critical readings in the packet are available both in Spanish and English, should you prefer a a language different from the one I provided.

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