Felipe III (1578-1621) biografía
King of Spain 1598-1621

After the death of the aged Philip II, the melancholy, retiring and religious Philip III succeeded him. Apparently Philip II had lamented that God had not given him a more capable son.

The twenty year old Philip III devoted himself to religious ceremonies and court festivities while leaving the government in the hands of the Duke of Lerma. At twenty-one he married his cousin

Archduchess Margarethe of Austria; she died giving birth to their eighth child. Of the eight, only four survived into adulthood.

At almost 43, Philip III died only ten years after his wife from an ironical rigidity of court etiquette. He was asphyxiated in his bedroom by the fumes of a charcoal brazier left there accidentally; as the person whose office it was to remove it was not present, no-one else dared do it. (Source: Leo van de Pas: http://worldroots.com/brigitte/royal/bio/felipe3spainbio.html)

Painting: Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Artist: Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes
Nationality: Spanish
Artist Dates: 1746-1828
Title: Felipe III, after the painting by Velázquez in the Prado
Date: 1778-1820
Object Type: print
Medium: etching and drypoint
Holding Institution: The University of Michigan Museum of Art. Accession No.: 1970/1.187
Image Source: The University of Michigan Museum of Art
Image Accession No.: PCD4160-2011-0185-70