PC Requirements

Monitor/Graphics requirements
The Graphics card must be 16 bit or better.

RAM requirements
The Computer must have substantial RAM in order to run both the program and the browser at the same time. Minimum RAM requirements for running the program are 32 MB of RAM. To view your computer's RAM, choose settings inside the Start menu at the bottom of the screen, choose Control Panel, then System. You will need to see a memory size of 32M or better.

Processor requirements
120 Mhz processor speed or better required. Pentium processor. Either check the front of your computer for the processor speed or check your manual for this information. For optimal playback the hard drive must have 80 MB of available space.

Sound requirements
Sound card required.

CD-Rom requirements
The Computer requires a CD-ROM for playback of the program. The CD-ROM must have a speed of 4X or greater for playback.

Cheryl Johnson

Video Description of the Program
(PCs only)
It is with great pride that we present this multimedia, interactive program on the History and Culture of Spain, the first in its class and a cutting edge application of technology for multidisciplinary teaching. We are satisfied to have, in form and content, more than amply met our primary objectives. The program is available in both Mac and PC versions.

The outstanding features of this program are its sheer beauty and wealth of information. There are approximately 850 images, 35 musical samples, 1300 pieces of information and about 500 entries of literary and political documents, all well integrated with a sophisticated crosslinking system. The program puts at the users' fingertips a rich array of options to explore such as an art gallery, musical conservatory and a visual tour through Spain which is accompanied by regional music.

The program offers in addition a sophisticated system of search engines. One is alphabetical and includes close to 2,000 entries which allow direct access to names and topics of particular interest. There is also a timeline which is beautifully illustrated with paintings, sculpture and architectural monuments. All timeline entries are hyperlinked to allow for further exploration.

The user may also choose to explore the program in a more traditional way by entering the main text and reading the chapter information. The text can be expanded by clicking on any of the vast array of hyperlinks. These links lead to maps, illustrations, biographies, newpaper articles, poetry and other literary, social and economic documents as well as to more color images and music.

This program provides a new, useful and attractive way of learning for college students of Spanish as well as other disciplines, such as history and art. Any interested user with a reading knowledge of Spanish, whether they are private individuals or belong to the institutional world of colleges, high schools and general libraries will be able to use and enjoy this program.

Since the multidisciplinary content of my textbook, Civilización y Cultura de España, in its third edition, lends itself very easily and especially well to the development of the digital components, I have chosen it as the basis for the multimedia version, but the program can be used alongside other textbooks. The program, however, should not be considered as a substitution for the printed text, nor does to serve as a mere appendix or repository of information too extensive for the printed page.

We hope that students and general users of this program will be easily tempted, by curiosity or intellectual interest, to peruse the widening horizons of multidisciplinary learning in a way they never did before.