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--> Civil Society <--
My 2006 book from Stanford University Press, Japan's Dual Civil Society: Members without Advocates, addresses civil society and this is one of the areas of my greatest research interest.

->  Political Parties and Legislative Organization in Japan <--
Another major research area for me is the organization of political parties and legislative organization in Japan, especially the Liberal Democratic Party.

--> Comparative Political Parties and Legislative Organization <--
I am also interested in comparative analysis of legislative organization and political parties.

--> Comparative Civil Society Research <--
This includes the JIGS 2 comparative research project.

--> Neighborhood Associations <--
I am currently working on a book with Yutaka Tsujinaka and Hidehiro Yamamoto that utilizes data from the first ever nationwide survey of NHAs in Japan

Some papers are available for download in .pdf format. Follow the above links to the subject areas to find them. Such papers are marked by this icon to the right of their titles