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The Secret(?) Lives of Science Profs

I’ve been toiling all week over a post about what science professors actually do and where our salary comes from… when what do I see on the New York Times site? An article that pretty much fits the bill. In a post on the NYT “Wild Side” blog, guest columnist Steve Quake writes about how [...]

Happy 200th, Charles Darwin

There is an amazing gummy biodiversity at the Top supermarket in Tacoma. I found a gummy dimetrodon (labeled “dinosaur”), gummy whale (labeled “shark”), scallops, penguins, frogs, worms, etc. The flower-shaped things are supposed to stand for either flowers or barnacles – I think they look more like the latter. The jellybeans are meant to be [...]

Perhaps I am Misguided?

An insightful email from Boris Korsunsky, a high school physics teacher,  just came through the PHYSLRNR mailing list. This excerpt (emphasis is mine) gave me pause: Besides, even if the hypothetical professor is well-versed in PER [physics education research - ed.] and enthusiastic about teaching, what is important at the college level may not be [...]

Hooray, Science!

After Obama’s inaugural, the opinions fly about the “rightful place” of science in US society. A few interesting ones: New York Times: Essay – Elevating Science, Elevating Democracy Uncertain Principles: Science is What Makes Us Human Scienceblogs: Rightful Place Project Nanoscale Views: “Science” and Inaugural Addresses I’m sure there are others… point me to ‘em [...]