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I Bought it on EEEEEE-Baaaaaay!

I’m in the middle of writing a grant proposal: hashing out user fees, equipment and supply costs, student stipends, etc… I’m half-seriously thinking about stocking my lab with surplus equipment bought at auctions. OK, not really. “Runs great” is NOT a wonderful endorsement for a sensitive lab instrument.

Visualizing Four and More Dimensions

I love this plot. It may or may not show up in a paper I’m writing for submission to Geology on some of my PhD thesis samples. In any case, I hope to spend the next few posts explaining why it’s so cool.

Highly Recommended: Early Career Geoscience Workshops

Just finished a Cutting Edge workshop: Early Career Geoscience Faculty: Teaching, Research, and Managing Your Career. I found the workshop fascinating and extraordinarily useful. Of course, I suppose the final verdict really awaits the next round of NSF funding. In any case, I highly recommend the workshop to new faculty in the geosciences (loosely defined [...]


From Wired (boldface is mine): Various blogs claim receiving tips from informed sources about features in the highly anticipated handset, such as a magnetometer (digital compass), a video camera and a speedier processor. Sweet! I can’t wait for paleomagnetism to get in on the citizen science action (à la Quake Catcher Network).

Is the Earth’s Magnetic Field Going to Reverse – Post Postponed…

Family responsibilities and other craziness have forced me to put off my Wednesday post on research… look for more on the magnetic field next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

Is the Earth’s Magnetic Field Going to Reverse: Part I

Since it’s Wednesday, here’s something research-related. Here’s the number one question that most people ask me when I tell people my field of study: Is the Earth’s magnetic field going to reverse? And if it is, are we doomed? I figure, since a lot of people ask me this, they must be interested. And since [...]

Ten Things I Learned at AGU’s Virtual Globes Sessions

There’s nothing like obsessively posting to Facebook to get a guy into blogging. My friends on the Big Blue Time Sink know that I post links more or less daily, mostly out of pure nerdy silliness. Once in a while there’s something substantial that merits further commentary, though. I kept wishing I had a slightly [...]