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Physics of Music

I’m starting my third quarter physics course off with a few weeks on waves, so I was excited to find The Physics of Music and Musical Instruments, a neat online book by David R. Lapp of Tufts. It’s got some exercises and projects I think I’ll have my students do. Now, if only I could [...]

Toys for Physics

So, among other projects, I’m putting together a proposal to buy toys for physics demos. We have some simple ones already – nerf soccer balls, for example (one of which I want to cut up to install a wireless accelerometer… more on that later).  I’m making a wish list, and have decided on a few [...]

Student Evaluations

My evals came back from last quarter. I won’t tell you “how I did”, but I will tell you that neither I nor anyone I know takes the numerical evaluations very seriously, at least without a lot of context (how students usually feel about the class, what else is going on in the instructor’s academic [...]

Web Resources I Wish I’d Known About Before Teaching Intro Physics

I originally posted a list like this on Facebook. Here’s the full list of “cool stuff on the web” so far: Tracker – Free video-analysis software: High speed video collection: Cheap 3D laser scanning: Fantastic Contraption – a physics related game: Along the same lines, Crayon Physics: High-speed still motion [...]

Is the Earth’s Magnetic Field Going to Reverse: Part I

Since it’s Wednesday, here’s something research-related. Here’s the number one question that most people ask me when I tell people my field of study: Is the Earth’s magnetic field going to reverse? And if it is, are we doomed? I figure, since a lot of people ask me this, they must be interested. And since [...]

List of Physics-Related Education Blogs

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I can’t believe I missed this. Thanks to Arjendu at Confused at a Higher Level for pointing out this post by Richard Hake to AERA-L. AERA-L Archives — November 2008 #2. Update 1/10: A list of over 60 education-related blogs posted by Hake as a follow-up to his initial AERA-L post.