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Drill Ship in the Blogosphere

Dang. Everybody has a blog now, even the staff and scientists on the drill ship JOIDES Resolution. Blogs | JOIDES Resolution.

YouTube – Fred Vine explaining Paleomagnetic reversals

Fred Vine, of the Vine-Matthews-Morley hypothesis, explains the pattern of seafloor magnetic reversals in what I believe is a TV show from the 70s. More info on the source as I figure it out. Vine uses a number of pedagogical techniques that we still trot out to demonstrate magnetic reversals and seafloor spreading: the cut [...]

Google Ocean is Here!

Google Ocean is here. Sure enough, you can dive down and see bathymetry! I’m still getting used to it, so these are just first impressions from tooling around for 10 minutes: It sure is spooky down here. The lighting is obviously unrealistic, which is good (you wouldn’t be able to see this at all if [...]

Google Ocean: Really?

Reports circulating in the blogosphere (summarized at Ogle Earth) indicate that Google will make a big Earth-related announcement on February 2 at the Cal Academy in San Francisco. These reports say that oceanographer Sylvia Earle will top a list of luminaries including Al Gore and some of the bigwigs from Google. Earle’s presence may mean [...]

Kurt Finds an Easter Egg in Google Earth

Kurt Schwehr (blogging at Kurt’s Weblog) posted something a couple of days ago about the recently updated pseudo-bathymetry on Google Earth (see the graphics and broader discussion at Ogle Earth, too). Dave Sandwell (David T. Sandwell, to be precise…) wrote to Kurt with some clarifications about data sources. In passing, Sandwell mentions an easter egg [...]

Paper Chikyu!

Sweet! Build your own riser drilling vessel. Guaranteed to take less time to build than the actual ship. Warning: does not float. Or drill. See also: paper models of deep-sea creatures, the Shinkai-6500 sub, and the “Earth Simulator” computer. ペーパークラフト図鑑.

Apply to Sail: School of Rock 2009

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership periodically puts out a call for teachers (from K-12 teachers to undergrad-focused professors) to sail on the drill ship JOIDES Resolution as part of the “School of Rock” program. School of Rock puts out some very good classroom activities written by educators who (thanks to the program) have hands-on experience [...]