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Places and Spaces: Mapping Science

A while ago, I was preparing a post critiquing a map of domains of scientific knowledge based on users’ database searches. The post never made it to completion, but the idea apparently caught on with other people besides just me. Indiana University has a fascinating exhibit with a bazillion maps of domains of scientific knowledge, [...]

A KML-Ready Map with Projections!

Axis Maps has put together a KML-ready (and shapefile-ready) online map viewer that support several different map projections. Not very flexible in terms of symbols, but the projection ability makes this a nice tool to have in one’s teaching arsenal. indieprojector.

What if the horizon bent the other way?

An interesting map of Manhattan from Schulze and Webb – looks like some sort of inverse cylindrical projection. [Update 12:56 PM: On closer inspection, the buildings obey a different projection scheme than the ground!] In any case, it makes you think about the reasoning that goes into making maps, which is something I try to [...]

Hand Drawn Maps

I don’t know which surprises me more: that there is a Hand Drawn Map Association, or that they are having a contest. this is the Hand Drawn Map Association : accepting submissions of hand drawn maps via postal mail and email.