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Places and Spaces: Mapping Science

A while ago, I was preparing a post critiquing a map of domains of scientific knowledge based on users’ database searches. The post never made it to completion, but the idea apparently caught on with other people besides just me. Indiana University has a fascinating exhibit with a bazillion maps of domains of scientific knowledge, [...]

Visualizing Four and More Dimensions

I love this plot. It may or may not show up in a paper I’m writing for submission to Geology on some of my PhD thesis samples. In any case, I hope to spend the next few posts explaining why it’s so cool.

A KML-Ready Map with Projections!

Axis Maps has put together a KML-ready (and shapefile-ready) online map viewer that support several different map projections. Not very flexible in terms of symbols, but the projection ability makes this a nice tool to have in one’s teaching arsenal. indieprojector.

Nooksack Cirque Panorama

Super cool annotated panorama of a cirque in the north Cascades. This kind of thing would be a great GigaPan project (see also: xrez), and would be fun to do with a class – say, physical geography. Print is available from the photographer for $84 plus shipping. Nooksack Cirque Panorama by Greg Higgins.