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Definitely a missed opportunity at GSA in Portland

Just found this by accident on the Internets: a club called holocene, which would probably have been an appropriate place for the Portland GSA geobloggers meetup last month. Which makes me wonder what other geo-themed booze is there out there? Syncline makes a wine called Subduction Red. Wineries EOS and PEPI share names with geophysics [...]

Happy Mineraloween!

I’ve been swamped with post-GSA catching up, but I do have a few posts in the works. Until then, enjoy the geekiest Halloween costumes EVER, courtesy of the College of Wooster’s mineralogy class. Wooster Geologists » Blog Archive » It was a dark and stormy night…Halloween in Mineralogy.

More Awesomeness

From one of the reviews: “And in case you find yourself in my position, I can confidently report that Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake Mix is also a completely inadequate raw material for the same project. Not to mention the mess it makes in the centrifuges.” via Customer Reviews: Uranium Ore.

YouTube – Primordial Soup With Julia Child

Could not resist re-posting this (as seen at The Kitchen). It’s just too awesome. Earth History students, you will definitely see this in class! YouTube – Primordial Soup With Julia Child.

Google Puts Oersted on its Home Page!

It’s not showing up on Google’s logo page, but today’s Google banner is in honor of Oersted’s linkage between electrical current and magnetism. Hans Christian Ørsted – Google Search.

The iPhone Rocket

As a follow-up to my post on the next-generation iPhone with a magnetometer… here’s the story of a this-generation iPhone used as an accelerometer in a model rocket. Way cool. The iPhone Rocket: The Story and Data Of How An iPhone Hit 1300ft.

Happy 200th, Charles Darwin

There is an amazing gummy biodiversity at the Top supermarket in Tacoma. I found a gummy dimetrodon (labeled “dinosaur”), gummy whale (labeled “shark”), scallops, penguins, frogs, worms, etc. The flower-shaped things are supposed to stand for either flowers or barnacles – I think they look more like the latter. The jellybeans are meant to be [...]

Cambrian Arthropod – Stuffed!

Opabinia was a small arthropod that lived during the Cambrian. Formerly available only in stone from the Burgess Shale, it is now available in full 3D plush from WeirdBugLady on Etsy (special order required).

Hand Drawn Maps

I don’t know which surprises me more: that there is a Hand Drawn Map Association, or that they are having a contest. this is the Hand Drawn Map Association : accepting submissions of hand drawn maps via postal mail and email.

Kurt Finds an Easter Egg in Google Earth

Kurt Schwehr (blogging at Kurt’s Weblog) posted something a couple of days ago about the recently updated pseudo-bathymetry on Google Earth (see the graphics and broader discussion at Ogle Earth, too). Dave Sandwell (David T. Sandwell, to be precise…) wrote to Kurt with some clarifications about data sources. In passing, Sandwell mentions an easter egg [...]