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YouTube – Primordial Soup With Julia Child

Could not resist re-posting this (as seen at The Kitchen). It’s just too awesome. Earth History students, you will definitely see this in class! YouTube – Primordial Soup With Julia Child.

Daniel Glavin’s Astrobiology Lecture at the Library of Congress

Forgot to post this when it came through my email inbox a while ago: grad-school friend Daniel Glavin, now of NASA, gave a lecture at the Library of Congress earlier this summer. It’s on the web now. Congratulations, Danny! Astrobiology: Life in Space Webcast (Library of Congress).

Happy 200th, Charles Darwin

There is an amazing gummy biodiversity at the Top supermarket in Tacoma. I found a gummy dimetrodon (labeled “dinosaur”), gummy whale (labeled “shark”), scallops, penguins, frogs, worms, etc. The flower-shaped things are supposed to stand for either flowers or barnacles – I think they look more like the latter. The jellybeans are meant to be [...]

Cambrian Arthropod – Stuffed!

Opabinia was a small arthropod that lived during the Cambrian. Formerly available only in stone from the Burgess Shale, it is now available in full 3D plush from WeirdBugLady on Etsy (special order required).

Global Change – A Long View

We who teach the introductory-level environmental science courses often single out humans, as a species, for changing the global physical and biological environment. The changes are so great, we say, that a group of geoscientists has been pushing to call our current epoch of geologic time the Anthropocene. Perhaps we give ourselves too much credit: [...]