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Paper Chikyu!

Sweet! Build your own riser drilling vessel. Guaranteed to take less time to build than the actual ship. Warning: does not float. Or drill. See also: paper models of deep-sea creatures, the Shinkai-6500 sub, and the “Earth Simulator” computer. ペーパークラフト図鑑.

Large Earthquakes near Indonesian Archipelago

USGS reports several large (M>7) earthquakes in the Philippine Sea off the coast of Indonesia. I haven’t heard any stories about this yet. Anyone care to comment? Magnitude 7.3 – NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA.

A Geologist’s 100 Things

From Geotripper, a list of 100 things a geologist should see in his/her lifetime. Ones I’ve seen are in bold, with locations in brackets. I count 36. I’m working on the rest! 1. See an erupting volcano [Kilauea, HI] 2. See a glacier 3. See an active geyser such as those in Yellowstone, New Zealand [...]