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Drill Ship in the Blogosphere

Dang. Everybody has a blog now, even the staff and scientists on the drill ship JOIDES Resolution. Blogs | JOIDES Resolution.

Updated Blogroll

It’s been a while since I updated my blogroll. Here are a few aditions of note: The Vigorous North. I’m not sure how to describe this blog. Urban geography? Portland, Mania? There’s much to see here that is either not exactly geographic, or not entirely related to Portland, ME… but is still totally fascinating. Radical [...]

I’m back!

Back to posting after a brief hiatus and hard disk crash. In my absence, there were a few noteworthy events: Chris Rowan at Highly Allochthonous wrote a great post on the basics of magnetic reversals. Looks like I don’t have to finish my series after all. Maybe I’ll go on to write about paleointensity. I [...]

Bridget Mason Blogging at the Huffington Post

Along with Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Hilary Clinton, and RFK Jr., UWT’s own Bridget Mason has a Huffington Post blog. I was at the MLK day Giving Garden work party that Bridget talks about in her post: it was a resounding success. Congrats, Bridget and Kayomi! Bridget Mason: Obama’s Call to Service — The Garden We’re Growing.

Winners of The Open Laboratory 2008

A Blog Around the Clock has released a list of 2008′s best science blog posts. Among the winners I count at least 3 geoscientists (one of whom I still need to add to my blogroll…)! Good reading, especially Green Gabbro’s “The Igneous Petrology of Ice Cream“, Reciprocal Space’s “I Get my Kicks from Thermodynamicks” (my [...]

Ten Things I Learned at AGU’s Virtual Globes Sessions

There’s nothing like obsessively posting to Facebook to get a guy into blogging. My friends on the Big Blue Time Sink know that I post links more or less daily, mostly out of pure nerdy silliness. Once in a while there’s something substantial that merits further commentary, though. I kept wishing I had a slightly [...]