Definitely a missed opportunity at GSA in Portland

Just found this by accident on the Internets: a club called holocene, which would probably have been an appropriate place for the Portland GSA geobloggers meetup last month. Which makes me wonder what other geo-themed booze is there out there? Syncline makes a wine called Subduction Red. Wineries EOS and PEPI share names with geophysics publications. Dogfish Head makes Pangaea,  a beer that they claim contains “ingredients from each and every continent” (how do they get the water from Antarctica, I wonder?). Does anyone out there know of others?


  1. Howard says:

    Andrew Alden has a gallery of geo-themed wines:

    Big Rock Brewery (, in Calgary, Alberta, is named for a giant glacial erratic. Contrary to the blurb on their site, however, the erratic is not “granite”, but Lower Cambrian quartzite. Their Traditional Ale is my number one.

  2. Steve says:

    And Big Rock Brewery made a limited edition “Shale Ale” in 2009 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Charles Walcott’s discovery of the Burgess Shale. The empty bottle resides on my desk. The contents were delicious!