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Happy Mineraloween!

I’ve been swamped with post-GSA catching up, but I do have a few posts in the works. Until then, enjoy the geekiest Halloween costumes EVER, courtesy of the College of Wooster’s mineralogy class. Wooster Geologists » Blog Archive » It was a dark and stormy night…Halloween in Mineralogy.

It Ain’t What You Do (But The Way That You Do It)

Chairing a session at a scientific meeting has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is that you miss out on a half day’s worth of talks (at least, you do at GSA, where the sessions last a half day; they’re shorter at AGU). Although I got to see some cool stuff this [...]

In Portland

Writing this from my room at the fabulous McMenamin’s Kennedy School (the only hotel I’ve ever stayed in with chalkboards in the rooms, four bars, and a movie theater…) after a rather successful Pardee session at the 2009 GSA. Among the highlights: There seems to be a growing push for a sort of crowdsourcing in [...]

Pre-GSA Week

It’s the week before the Geological Society of America annual meeting. AAAAGGGH!!!! Here’s a preview of what I’m working on: Google Earth image with 1940 aerial image overlay (and grid) showing Puyallup River valley between Puyallup and Tacoma. Image from Puget Sound River History Project. As environmental science instructors, we like to hope we can [...]

Drill Ship in the Blogosphere

Dang. Everybody has a blog now, even the staff and scientists on the drill ship JOIDES Resolution. Blogs | JOIDES Resolution.