More Physics Links

  1. UMD Physics Education Group’s redesigned website. Collections of good problems (particularly the Alternative Homework Assignments and the two sections of “Thinking Problems”), a set of open-ended problem-based labs, and demo worksheets.
  2. Context-rich problems from the University of Minnesota (see the “On-line archive”).
  3. MagnetLab at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at UF. Look at the Interactive tutorials. Somewhere on this site is a video of a levitating frog (made to levitate by a magnet).
  4. Interactive Physlets has a good optics demo; might have others.
  5., home of the Open Source Physics java demos, has more stuff, too. Look at “Physics Source,” for example.
  6. Electronic Dimensions is just down the road – might be a good source for cheap electronic components (I’ve been looking for really big capacitors…).
  7. A set of good labs at Clemson University, including some online (“CUPOL”).
  8. Cenco’s Selective Experiments in Physics, a set of lab instructions.
  9. An application of E&M in the news: MRIs May Burn Patients Who Wear Drug Patches (NY Times, 3/5/09). May require login.
  10. These “nonstandard experiments” sounded interesting.
  11. Good basic discussion of sig figs.
  12. Electricity is dangerous” from the CDC.