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Updated Blogroll

It’s been a while since I updated my blogroll. Here are a few aditions of note: The Vigorous North. I’m not sure how to describe this blog. Urban geography? Portland, Mania? There’s much to see here that is either not exactly geographic, or not entirely related to Portland, ME… but is still totally fascinating. Radical [...]

GSA Sessions on Virtual Globes, Web 2.0, and More!

[This is an announcement I'll be sending out shortly to a number of sites. I believe Kyle has posted it to his blog. I'm not sure whether Ron (blogs here and here and here) has done so yet. Pass it on!] We are pleased to announce a pair of sessions at the 2009 GSA meeting [...]

More Physics Links

UMD Physics Education Group’s redesigned website. Collections of good problems (particularly the Alternative Homework Assignments and the two sections of “Thinking Problems”), a set of open-ended problem-based labs, and demo worksheets. Context-rich problems from the University of Minnesota (see the “On-line archive”). MagnetLab at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at UF. Look at the [...]