I’m back!

Back to posting after a brief hiatus and hard disk crash. In my absence, there were a few noteworthy events:

  • Chris Rowan at Highly Allochthonous wrote a great post on the basics of magnetic reversals. Looks like I don’t have to finish my series after all. Maybe I’ll go on to write about paleointensity.
  • I noticed that when one googles “oblate spheroid,” at least two other blogs pop up with the same name. Uh-oh. Is it time for a name change? To be fair, last time I did this, “oblate spheroid” didn’t come up at all. Of course, that was 2005.
  • I’m nearing the end of my quarter of parental leave, so my schedule will be somewhat more complex in about 2 weeks. We will see what this means for the frequency of posts here.