Winners of The Open Laboratory 2008

A Blog Around the Clock has released a list of 2008′s best science blog posts. Among the winners I count at least 3 geoscientists (one of whom I still need to add to my blogroll…)! Good reading, especially Green Gabbro’s “The Igneous Petrology of Ice Cream“, Reciprocal Space’s “I Get my Kicks from Thermodynamicks” (my favorite part of physics, too… I thought I was the only one), and – one that hits home with me, a new dad –  Sciencewomen’s “Scientists are people, too, and it’s time we started treating them that way.”Also on the list is Uncertain Principles’ “We Are Science,” about which I have mixed opinions – it’s definitely not written from the perspective of an assistant professor like myself, and so (I think) is a bit dismissive of the complaints that people without tenure might make. On the other hand, it does contain some ideas with which I wholeheartedly agree:

…[C]onsider the public outreach requirement of NSF grants. Researchers submitting grants to the NSF are required to include an explanation of what they will do to disseminate their results to a broader audience. I’ve reviewed a good number of NSF proposals over the last few years, and the striking thing about the public outreach sections is just how half-assed they are. Typical responses are of the form “We train a lot of graduate students in our lab, and some of them will go on to become educators,” which is a complete cop-out.

Anyway, good reading.

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