Equipment in Science 304

Bartington Susceptometer

Computer with white susceptometer boxWhite sensor with a hole in the middleBartington MS-03 magnetic susceptibility system with MS-02B (discrete sample, far left) and MS-02C (core, left) systems. Core track and digital position sensor for MS-02C.

Petrographic Microscopes

Microscope Microscope and computerLeica DM 750P polarizing microscope (left) with transmitted and reflected light paths and digital imaging system. Meiji petrographic microscope (far left). Adhesive and UV light for preparing smear slides. Hotplate for epoxy mounts.

Rock Saws

Small diamond rotary sawMedium hand-sample saw and small slow-speed saw for cutting thin section billets and oriented grain mounts. Set up when needed.

Rock drill

Pomeroy gas-powered diamond drill for 1″ paleomagnetic cores. Orientation device, field sampling equipment, and Brunton Pocket Transit for orienting cores.


Brass sieves and plastic sieves (in box)Brass and plastic (nonmagnetic) sieves and shaker for size-separation procedures.

Muffle Furnace

Gray muffle furnacePrimarily used for total organic carbon determination.


Dell dual-core i7 PC with software including Mathematica, R, Enthought Python, and ArcGIS.

Shared Equipment

Coulter particle size analyzer