Google Earth

Current Projects

2011 Geological Society of America / NAGT Short Course

"Teaching with Google Earth" web page.

Google Earth Resources

A wiki for geoscientists who use Google Earth in teaching (currently not working).

Curriculum for the Bioregion Geoscience Learning Community 2010 Google Earth Page

Resources for using Google Earth in the service of place-based learning. See also the activity from the 2012 Exploring the Salish Sea FLC at Skagit Valley College.

Historical Imagery of Tacoma

KML files for Landscape Ecology: Tacoma and Orting imagery from Puget Sound River History Project. Grid creator python script (requires pykml).

In Progress


See where in Google Earth your students are, and what they are looking at. This project is currently in development. I'm looking for a computer-savy student to help put the site together (SQL, PHP, Python, and Java knowledge a plus) and a collaborator with an education interest to help with testing.

Google Earth Geo Tutorials

Open-source, research-based, 50-minute tutorials on geoscience topics built using Google Earth. Topics include topographic maps, plate boundaries, and outcrop patterns. This project is currently in development; tutorials and supporting documentation will be released here after testing. I'm looking for other geoscience instructors to help with testing.

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