Environmental Geophysics Lab

Environmental Program
IAS, University of Washington, Tacoma
08|27|09 About the lab
The environmental geophysics lab is part of the environmental program at UW Tacoma. We use the tools of geophysics - particularly rock magnetics and near-surface geophysical survey techniques - to answer environmental geologic questions. Current and incipient research projects include:
  • using rock magnetic techniques to look at crystal mush deformation in igneous intrusions (Selkin)
  • investigating the origin of iron oxide "needles" in plagioclase (Mousseau)
  • using sediment magnetic properties to trace heavy metal pollution and cycling in lakes (with J.E. Gawel)
  • beach topography and sediment surveys (with B.J. Becker)
08|27|09 Lab Members
Peter Selkin
Max Mousseau