Peter A. Selkin

Assistant Professor, Environmental Geophysics
IAS, University of Washington, Tacoma
08|27|09 About Me
Peter with baby and fish Peter Selkin is an assistant professor in the Environmental Science program at UW Tacoma. His specialty is geology/geophysics (his business card says “environmental geophysics”), with a concentration in paleomagnetism. He is particularly interested these days in the environmental applications of rock magnetism. He mostly teaches intro physics, but would some day like to teach geoscience courses again. He is married to Bonnie Becker; they have a one year old son (pictured, with fish) and a giant dog. He hates talking about himself in the third person.

If you're looking for my CV or list of publications, see PUBS, above.

Contact info:

Peter A. Selkin
IAS / Environmental Science
University of Washington, Tacoma
1900 Commerce Street, Box 358436
Tacoma, WA 98405, USA

Phone: (253) 692-5819
Fax: (253) 692-5718

Email: paselkin at u dot washington dot edu

Office: Science 212 (Fall 2009 Hours: 1-2 PM Tuesdays)