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Toshiyuki Ogihara
University of Washington
Department of Linguistics
Box 352425
Seattle, WA 98195-2425

Email -- ogihara(at)uw(dot)edu
Please substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot)
Web -- http://faculty.washington.edu/ogihara


The .pdf suffix indicates portable document format (PDF) files. Please emal me if you have difficulty downloading papers. Your comments are most welcome.

In case you are interested, you can download my complete CV from here. [CV.pdf]

Unpublished Manuscripts

  • Please visit the following site if you have a UW ID https://catalyst.uw.edu/workspace/ogihara/19807/


    Formal semantics, Japanese Linguistics, Introduction to Linguistics [some sample syllabi from the last couple of years]


    Last updated: January 28, 2015