How to Cause Information Technology Disasters

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Table of Contents

How to Cause Information Technology Disasters

Causing IT Disasters

Risks of IT: How Projects Fail

Sources of IT Risk

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Rates of IT Failure are High

Strategies for IT Failure

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1. Trust the Vendor

2. Delegate

3. Impose Rigid Controls

4. Divide and Rule

5. Use IT as Tool for Finance

6. Use Consultants

7. Set Objectives

8. Control Information

9. Avoid User Input

Strategies for IT Failure

1. Technical Leadership

2. Resources

3. Planning

4. Feedback

5. Technology

Avoiding Disasters

Reasons Projects Fail

Reasons Projects Succeed

Project Failure Warning Signs

Paradigm for Success

Disaster Avoidance: Pearls

Key Elements in IT Projects

Author: William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD


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