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In The News...

Below are announcements, press coverages, and articles by others about our work.

Combined Funding Initiative

Five Washington orgranization fund a commercialization grant to support the refinement and clinical testing of a handheld device to improve treatment of trauma-induced coagulopathy.

LSDF Announcement, 5 September 2013 [pdf]

Spotlight on Undergraduate Research

Student Perspective on Research in Cell Biomechanics Lab

Departmental Newsletter (front page) [pdf]

Life Science Discovery Fund Award

Platelet-Dx: an innovative, point-of-care product for detecting trauma-induced coagulation problems and improving emergency medicine

LSDF Announcement, 14 December 2012 [pdf]

EurekAlert!/AAAS, 17 December 2012. [pdf]

Iconoclast News, 17 December 2012. [pdf]

News Medical, 18 December 2012. [pdf]

Cling Tightly in Endothelial Mechanics

Flow Mechanotransduction Regulates Traction Forces, Intercellular Forces, and Adherens Junctions. Ting, L.H., Jahn, J.R., Jung, J.L., Shuman, B.R., Feghhi, S., Han, S.J., Rodriguez, M.L., Sniadecki, N.J.  (2012)  Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol.  302: H2220-H2229.  [PDF]

The Scientist, "Sensing a Little Tension", 1 September 2013. [PDF]

Faculty of 1000, 1st review: 23 April 2012, 2nd review: 2 July 2012. [PDF]

UW News, 26 April 2012. [link]

About.com, 26 April 2012. [PDF]

DailyRx, 28 April 2012. [PDF]

EurekAlert!/AAAS, 27 April 2012. [PDF]

MedicalXpress/PhysOrg, 26 April 2012. [PDF]

Nanowerk, 26 April 2012. [PDF]

Science Daily, 26 April 2012. [PDF]

ScienceNewsline, 26 April 2012. [PDF]

Spotlight on the Cell Biomechanics Lab

ME Research - Engineering Diagnostic Devices for Cardiovascular Disease

Departmental Newsletter (page 5) [pdf]

SBC Poster Award

Shirin won 1st Place Poster award at ASME SBC 2011.

ASME Fall/Winter 2011 Newletter (page 12 & 13) [pdf]

Book Cover

Our image of a 3T3 on posts is on the cover of Albert Folch's book on BioMEMS.

CRC Press [link]
Book Cover [pdf]

DARPA Young Faculty Award

Nathan Sniadecki has been awarded the DARPA Young Faculty Award.

Departmental Announcement [link]

DARPA Announcement [link]

Marita Rodriguez wins NSF Fellowship

Marita Rodriguez has been awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award.

Departmental Announcement [link]

ARRA Funds

NIH R21 grant awarded for research on platelet biomechanics as part of the Recovery Act.

ME Departmental Announcement [link]

BioE Departmental Announcement [link]


Nathan Sniadecki has been awarded the NSF CAREER award for work on smooth muscle mechanics.

Departmental Announcement [link]

Departmental Newsletter (page 4) [pdf]

Magnetic Microposts Redux

Magnetic Microposts for Mechanical Stimulation of Biological Cells: Fabrication, Characterization, and Analysis.  Sniadecki, N.J., Chen, C.S., Lamb, C.M, Liu, Y., Reich, D.H.  (2008) Review of Scientic Instruments   79(4): 044302.  [PDF]

Editor's selection for appearance in:
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, 28 April 2008. [link]

Editor's selection for appearance in:
Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, 1 May 2008. [link]

Bioscapes 2007 Winner

The judges for Olympus' Bioscapes International Digital Imaging Competition 2007 have voted and we were awarded an honorable mention for our image of a 3T3 fibroblast on an array of microposts!

Bioscapes 2007 Honorable Mention [PDF] [Link]

  Mouse 3T3 Fibroblast on Microposts, Epifluorescence [JPG]

Magnetic Microposts

Magnetic microposts as an approach to apply forces to living cells. Sniadecki, N.J., Anguelouch, A., Yang, M.T., Lamb, C.M., Liu, Z., Kirschner, S.B., Liu, Y, Reich, D.H., Chen, C.S. (2007) Proc Nat Acad Sci. 104:14553-14558. [PDF]

e-Advances from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, 31 March 2008. [PDF]

Analytyical Chemistry, 1 November 2007. [PDF]

Scientist Live, 1 November 2007. [PDF]

PhysOrg.Com, 27 September 2007. [PDF]

EurekAlert!/AAAS, 27 August 2007. [PDF]

Johns Hopkins University's Institute for NanoBio Technology, 17 September 2007. [PDF]

Material Research Society | Materials360 Plus | Materials News, 12 September 2007 Coverage on Pg. 6 [PDF]

Science Daily, 30 August 2007. [PDF]

Nanotechwire.com, 29 August 2007. [PDF]

Terra Daily, 29 August 2007. [PDF]

Nanowerk, 28 August 2007. [PDF]

University of Pennsylvania, 27 August 2007. [PDF]

Sniadecki Joins ME Department

Dr. Nathan Sniadecki joined the Mechanical Engineering department in September 2007.

  UW's The MEssenger, Autumn 2007 (page 7) [pdf]