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Lab Intranet

Below are policies, proceedures, and special information for lab members

Lab Policies

Documents that outline the philosophy and guidelines to the lab. (UWNetID Required)

Lab Philosophy and Policies [PDF]

Guidelines to Lab Usage [PDF]

Humphrey & Holme's Style and Ethics of Communication in Science and Engineering [PDF]

40 Tips for Good Writing Style [PDF]

NSF's Advice on Career Development in Graduate School [PDF]

Roger von Oech's tips to whack your ideas into action [PDF]

Murphy's Intro to Microscopy [PDF]

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training [link]
    RCR training is mandatory for lab members

Lab Safety

UW's Environmental Health and Safety requires all personnel to be trained on proper safety practices:

General Lab Safety [link]

General Biosafety (BSL-2) [link]

Bloodborne Pathogens [link]

Bloodborne Pathogens (Annual Renewal) [link]

Animal Use Medical Screening [link]
Dow Safety Academy Videos:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) [link]

General Biosafety (BSL-2) [link]

Fumehood Usage [link]

Waste Handling [link]

Gas Cylinders [link]

Lab Communication

We use Google to share documents, calendars, and instant messaging (Gmail account required).

Google Docs [link]

Google Calendar [link]

Goggle Talk [link]

Lab Videos

The following videos demonstrate our protocols.

SU-8 Lithography for Microposts [MOV (75 MB)]

Replica Molding of Microposts [MOV (84 MB)]

Stamping and Seeding Cells onto Microposts [MOV (127 MB)]

Live Cell Microscopy [MOV (49 MB)]

Fixing and Staining Cells [MOV (25 MB)]