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Session 1  Functions of Life PDF Slides

Session 2  Information Handling and the Genetic Code; PDF Slides
  Module: Windows Version ; Mac Version

Session 3  DNA and Information Handling PDF Slides

Session 4  Cells PDF Slides

Session 5  Protein Basics PDF Slides
  Project: PDF

Session 6  Lab 1  Protein Structure PDF Slides

Session 7  Genomics PDF Slides

BioResearch Tutorial  Slides
  Please complete the Survey   Class/Event Name: MECHBIO   Instructor: Mark Minie

Session 8  Decoding and Mutations PDF Slides

Session 9  Immunology PDF Slides

Session 10  Lab 2  Lab-on-Chip Procedure Results Instructions for Write-up Slides

Session 11  Bio-ethics PDF Slides

Exam 1  PDF

Session 12  Cell Interactions PDF Slides

Session 13  Cell Signaling PDF Slides

Session 14  Cellular Energetics PDF Slides

Bio-Safety Lecture -- Glen McLean (EH&S)  Slides, Handouts: ZIP

Session 15  Cell Movement PDF Slides, Movies: ZIP

Session 16  Integrating Cells Into Tissues PDF Slides

Session 17  Muscle Cells to Tissues PDF Slides

Session 18  Lab 3 Laboratory Experience on Skeletal Muscle Biomechanics ; PDF Slides

Session 19  Connective Tissues PDF Slides

Exam 2  PDF

Session 20.1  Musculoskeletal System : Bones PDF Slides

Session 20.2  Musculoskeletal System : Muscle/Bone Interactions PDF Slides In-class Example

Session 21  Cardiovascular System PDF Slides

Session 22  Lab 4 Laboratory Experience on Human Physiology ; PDF Slides Data

Session 23  Engineering Applications - Tissue Replacement PDF Slides UWTV

Session 24  Medical Applications - Tissue Engineering PDF Slides

Exam 3  PDF

Session 25  Wrap-up - The Big Picture Slides




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