I hold graduate faculty status at the University of Washington and welcome the opportunity to mentor undergraduate and graduate students in their research. In addition to teaching in Nursing and Health Studies, I am adjunct faculty in the UW Department of Anthropology and Department of Global Health, and am affiliated with the UW African Studies Program. In 2019, I became faculty lead of the new UW Bothell Global Health Minor.

Selected courses

At University of Washington Bothell:

BHLTH 199: Understanding Global Health Through Film

BHLTH 201: Introduction to Global Health

BHLTH 301: Global Health Practice: Systems, Places, and People

BHS 302: Social Dimensions of Health

BHS 423: Global Health: Critical Perspectives

BHLTH 497: Stories that Matter: Narratives of Illness and Healing

BCORE 115: Zombies and the Culture of Pandemics

BHS 403 (co-instructor): Epidemiology

BNURS 350: Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice

At University of Washington: 

ANTH 313: Peoples and Cultures of Africa

At Columbia University: 

ENGL C/F1010: University Writing (teaching fellow)