Readings & Viewings

Below are the links to the readings & viewings. You’ll need an active UWNetID to access the pdf files.

***Make sure you log out and close your browser if you’re on a public computer!***

The full bibliography will be made available for you soon.

Week 1: required
Maron, “Place of Birth: Berlin”
Out My Window

One Below the Queen (we’ll watch part of this in class)
Freud’s Uncanny essay

Week 2: required
Bachelard, The Poetics of Space (excerpt)
Norberg-Schulz, The Phenomenon of Place (excerpt)
Massey, ‘Philosophy and the Politics of Spatiality’
This Must Be the Place (watch 2 or more)
The Places We Live

Geertz, Thick Description

Week 3: required
*note that this week the response is due on Monday!
Heddon, “Autotopography: The Place of the Self” *this version is missing her slides, but you can see similar images in a related piece here
Allnutt, Making Place
Sbrocchi, Remembering Place (excerpts) *if you’re interested in looking at her whole dissertation, it’s available for download via Proquest/UW Libraries
Welcome to Pine Point

(you might find some of these useful for your research/writing)
Bell, Ghosts of Place
Gonzalez, Autotopography
Lippard, Lure of the Local (intro)
Hirsch, Surviving Images (on post-memory)

Week 4: required
Smith, “Community”
Kaplan, “On Language Memoir”
Shammas, “Autocartography”
Said, “Reflections on Exile”
Hermit in the Utah Woods (you only have to watch part of this)

Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis (you can rent this DVD from any video store, and it’s also a wonderful graphic novel by the same author)
Misztal, Theories of Social Remembering (intro)

Week 5:
no readings this week

Week 6: required
Brown, “Listening to Queer Maps of the City”
Kerr, “We Know What the Problem Is”
Beaudry, Place in Place of: Alexandria (also check out the rest of his website)