Tips for controlling how your text looks in WordPress

Some of you have mentioned your frustration with WordPress’s lack of flexibility when it comes to formatting text!

There are some good (if frustrating) reasons for this … one of them being that they have tried to assure that your blog will display correctly in every possible browser.

Still, there are ways around some of the limitations!

I suggest three things:

1. Familiarize yourself with the basics of html, especially the font tags. You can use these font tags in the html editor by clicking on the ‘html’ tab to the top right of your post’s text editor. Also note that there’s a button called ‘kitchen sink’ at the far right of the various icons in the editing menu, which gives you a few other options like font color.

2. Read this, which explains a bit more about how WordPress’s built-in html editor works. You might have noticed that certain html tags (<br/>, for instance) don’t work in the built-in html editor – this is explained in the help menu thus:

WordPress includes a rich HTML editor that works well in all major web browsers used today. However editing HTML is not the same as typing text. Each web page has two major components: the structure, which is the actual HTML code and is produced by the editor as you type, and the display, that is applied to it by the currently selected WordPress theme and is defined in style.css. WordPress is producing valid XHTML 1.0 which means that inserting multiple line breaks (BR tags) after a paragraph would not produce white space on the web page. The BR tags will be removed as invalid by the internal HTML correcting functions.

3. Think about downloading a WYSIWYG plug-in like TinyMCE, which will give you lots more functionality. Knowing a little html will greatly enhance your experience with things like this!

I know this stuff is frustrating, but you guys are doing great. Keep it up!

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Your challenge for this week’s blog

… is to do at least one interview with a participant at your site!

Unlike the themes I will usually post, this is a real requirement which will be factored into your grade. If you run into trouble finding someone, let me know.

Don’t forget to also add references to Monday’s required readings and web viewings!

The blog post is due on Monday, January 30th – even though there is no blog assignment on the syllabus for this week. That was a typo – my apologies!

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Just a note about the syllabus

Even though it’s missing on the printed syllabus that I handed out at the beginning of the quarter, there is still a blog post due this coming Monday, January 30th!

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Posted: Bentham’s panopticon writings and helpful web links!

I’ve posted a pdf of Jeremy Bentham’s writings on the design of the panopticon (in the Course Schedule & Readings section), just in case you’re interested in taking a look at it. You’ll find that his description of the structure is just slightly different from Foucault’s …

I have also posted some links about html and screen grabs in the Helpful Links section. I would love it if you had other links to contribute to this category, so comment here or email me if you do!

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Snowpocalypse aftermath: everything for this week now due Wednesday, Jan. 25th

It has been brought to my attention that because of the snow, many of you couldn’t get to your study sites this week, so I’m giving you until Wednesday the 25th to post your next blogs, do the Foucault & Latour readings, and watch Attack the Block!

Don’t forget to think about these themes on your blog post, and refer to each of the readings/viewings at least once.

Hope you stayed safe and warm during Snowpocalypse ’12!


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Snow Day (again)!

Campus will be closed again tomorrow, Thursday, January 19th. This unfortunately means we have to cancel our group viewing of Attack the Block.

You may have until Wednesday, January 25th to view it on your own. Please have the reading and your next blog post done by Monday, though!

Elke has helpfully pointed out that you can rent the movie online for $2.99 via Amazon streaming. Thanks, Elke!

Have a warm weekend …

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Your blog posts for week 4

For next week’s blog post (due Monday, January 23), I’d like you to consider the your site from the perspective of the past two weeks’ readings on space. Think about how your site affects its users: how does it help them orient themselves and/or identify with the space (or not)? Does the architecture or structure function to directly influence actions? What kinds of interrelations between different actors take place at your site? What power relations are inscribed in your space?

You’re welcome to consider these questions based on your own interpretation of the readings, but if you’re unsure, here are some more specific questions that you could think about:

-How does your site relate to its context or “landscape”?
-What is the genius loci of your site?
-How does the architecture of your site orient users (or not)?
-What are the boundaries of your site? The “openings”?
-What aspects of your site allow users to identify or “feel at home” in the space (or not)?
-How does your site allow for interaction (or not)?
-What sorts of “difference” exist in your space?
-What hegemonic forces are at work in your site?
-Is there surveillance? Who polices whom? Are users self-policing?
-How do objects or structures function to influence human action in ways we might normally overlook?

Good luck …

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Snow Day!

There is no class on Wednesday, January 18th, due to Snowpocalypse 2012!

Please still have your blogs posted by 11.30am.

The film screening for Wednesday is canceled. As of now, the Thursday screening is stll scheduled.

Be safe, warm and enjoy the snow!

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Your blog post for Wednesday: describe your site

For this week’s blog post, don’t forget that I’m asking that you describe your study site. Be very detailed in your notes — this will ensure that you really spend time observing your surroundings. The blog post should be a summary of the most important aspects of your site, starting with the big stuff.

Have fun!

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Reminders for week 3

Don’t forget to let me know if you would like your blog to be included on this page! You can comment on this post, or send me an email.

Also – don’t forget that your due date for your second blog post is next Wednesday, January 18th – not Monday, which you have off!

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