Homelessness and space: links

Here’s the link to the John T. Williams Totem Pole Project that we discussed today in class.

You might also find this article on homeless patrons of the Aurora Burger King in this month’s issue of Real Change interesting!

If you have links to add to this category, please let me know …

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Since it’s paper-writing season, I thought you might enjoy these fun and amazingly entertaining grammar reminders from the Oatmeal!  My favorite:

(We’ll go over semicolons on Monday.)

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Examples of critical media analysis from Sociological Images

Sociological Images is a great blog that looks at images from a sociological point of view, often focusing on issues of gender, sexuality and ethnicity. It might give you some good ideas for your upcoming Critical Media Analysis paper (though for your paper you should pick something other than what you see on their site).

For inspiration and easy browsing of their work, check out their Pinterest page.

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Your assignment for Monday’s blog

You have been doing a great job of focusing your blogs thematically, exploring new ways of representing your spaces, and thinking critically about the intersection of space and media. You assignment for Monday’s post is simple: keep it up!

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TV editing: tricks of the trade, Muppets, and other examples from class!

The theme of today’s class was ‘editing.’ Editing material (text, images, audio or video) is always necessary in order to tell a story. Without it, we wouldn’t have the Muppets, for instance – and I think we can all agree that Muppets are a wonderful thing! However, editing can also be used in unethical ways. It’s our task to use editing in a way that fairly represents our own experience, and that of our subjects.

As part of this lesson, we watched the following videos in class today. In case you missed them, or want to review, here they are again … (the clips continue after the break).

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Mulvey essay on the male gaze is available!

As I mentioned in class, I’ve uploaded a pdf of Laura Mulvey’s seminal essay, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” for you in case you’re interested! Enjoy!

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Your assignments for Monday’s blog

1. Be self-reflexive about your use of media in your project so far. Possible themes to consider might be:
- How has your use of media to document your space changed your experience of it?
- Has it made you notice things you might have missed otherwise?
- Does it emphasize certain things?
- Has it changed your relationship to the people who use the space?

2. Many of you have already hit on threads or themes that you want to pursue further. For those who haven’t, try to focus in and see if you can find one or two specific themes or questions that can help guide your research. We are halfway through the quarter!! Yikes!

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The Hall reading for this week is missing the last page! My apologies. You can download the missing page here.

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Tips for posting photo galleries or slideshows to Blogger

Blogger is pretty simplistic when it comes to dealing with media, but I’ve found a couple of work-arounds for those of you who want to be able to post galleries of your pictures!

There seem to be two types of options: a Flickr photo set gallery, or photo slideshows via Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or other photo-sharing sites. Click ‘continue reading’ to see how-to tutorials for all three.

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Miss Representation screening on campus next Wednesday!

Miss Representation, a film critiquing the representation of women in the media, is screening next week on Wednesday, 2/8 at 6pm in ARC 147!

Check out the Facebook page for more info about this event.

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