Helpful Links

Here’s a list of websites that are not on your syllabus, but might inspire you! I’ve grouped them loosely by category, though many of them defy categorization.

Helpful links for blogging and web design:
Good, basic html tutorials at
html tutorials at
Cloudshot screen capture tool for Windows
How-to & tips for doing screen grabs on your Mac

*Transit Ethnographies:
“Zen in the Art of Travel Behavior”
an ethnography of public transit in LA
The 29 Project an ethnography of a bus route in London

*Ethnographies of Spaces
The Healthcare City an ethnography of New Brunswick, New Jersey
Florian Thalhofer artist, filmmaker, and software inventor, whose projects include:
- Planet Galata an ethnography of Galata Bridge in Istanbul
- 13ter Shop (Thirteenth Shop) an ethnography of a shopping mall in Germany
Rescue Geography  considers themes of space, place and mobile technologies  professors at Brooklyn College who run a number of media ethnography projects

Gesche Wuerfel  a New York-based photographer focused on space
James Mollison: “Where Children Sleep”  a project on children’s bedrooms across the world  a UK-based project that teaches youth photography

Mapping/Oral history
a mapping/oral history project spanning several cities
MyStreet Films a video competition in the UK about local spaces
Invincible Cities a very fancy mapping and photography project
NYC-Grid mapping and photography project in New York City
City of Memory mapping and oral history project in New York City
Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood a New York City collaborative mapping project about people’s everyday stories
Urban Observations a video series about peoples’ experience of the places they live

Media critique/Media theory
Social Shutter run by academics, this site features all kinds of different critiques of the media
Reflexive Frames a series of art-based projects about ethnography and space

Elastic City experimental walks through New York City
“Jute” an experimental film about the experience of place
Christian Nold an artist working with themes of psychogeography, among lots of other interesting things

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