Homelessness and space: links

Here’s the link to the John T. Williams Totem Pole Project that we discussed today in class.

You might also find this article on homeless patrons of the Aurora Burger King in this month’s issue of Real Change interesting!

If you have links to add to this category, please let me know …

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3 Responses to Homelessness and space: links

  1. Nara says:

    Thanks to Katie for the following links that address issues of difference that we’ve been discussing:
    Alvin Lau performing his poem ‘Asia-America, Where Have You Gone?’
    Horace Miner’s ‘Body Ritual Among the Nacirema’ – a tongue-in-cheek piece from the 1950s treating America as if it were a ‘primitive’ tribe under anthropological study

  2. Nara says:

    Here’s a recent article about growing homelessness in Seattle, and the Nickelsville tent city (mentioned by Brian – thanks!).

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