Your blog posts for week 4

For next week’s blog post (due Monday, January 23), I’d like you to consider the your site from the perspective of the past two weeks’ readings on space. Think about how your site affects its users: how does it help them orient themselves and/or identify with the space (or not)? Does the architecture or structure function to directly influence actions? What kinds of interrelations between different actors take place at your site? What power relations are inscribed in your space?

You’re welcome to consider these questions based on your own interpretation of the readings, but if you’re unsure, here are some more specific questions that you could think about:

-How does your site relate to its context or “landscape”?
-What is the genius loci of your site?
-How does the architecture of your site orient users (or not)?
-What are the boundaries of your site? The “openings”?
-What aspects of your site allow users to identify or “feel at home” in the space (or not)?
-How does your site allow for interaction (or not)?
-What sorts of “difference” exist in your space?
-What hegemonic forces are at work in your site?
-Is there surveillance? Who polices whom? Are users self-policing?
-How do objects or structures function to influence human action in ways we might normally overlook?

Good luck …

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4 Responses to Your blog posts for week 4

  1. chrisOlsen says:

    i’m using those readings for this week’s post… the syllabus says “references to each of the weekly readings for the upcoming week”. can i leave it as it is and reuse those readings next week? they have alot to offer…

    • Nara says:

      Thanks for asking, Chris! I wrote this prompt thinking that most of you would separate the “reading response” and “observation” portions of your blogs, so this would prompt you to apply the concepts from the reading (which we would have discussed if we’d had class, assuring that you all got something out of it) to your observations … but to make it less confusing, the prompt really should key off of the readings that were actually due that week. Above is a revised, clarified prompt that includes all the space-oriented issues!

      And yes, you were spot-on in terms of the reading-response requirements for this week – you should be including references to Massey & Norberg-Schulz for tomorrow’s post!

  2. karl says:

    OK, just to clarify… every week we need to post to the blog
    -a post about our response to the reading
    -a post about our observation
    -some kind of media (pic, video, audio) that we got form our site
    Is this correct? And if so, does that mean our next reading response posts (due Wed. 1-25) will be about the Foucault & Latour readings, and the Attack the Block movie? Sorry if this is redundant, just trying to make sure I’ve got this figured out… thanks!

    • Nara says:

      Yep, you got it!

      (Also see syllabus, pg. 2.)

      You may include your references to the readings *in* your observations if you wish — some people did this last week, and it worked really well. OR, you may choose to address them in a separate post. Either way is totally fine with me!

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