DST off-axis deformation


This study combines geomorphic mapping with luminesence dating to study late Pleisocene – Holocene tectonic tilting of darinage systems along the western borders of the Arava valley north of the Gulf of Elat. It comprises the bulk of Yedidya Gelman's M.Sc. project at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is carried out in collaboration with Ari Matmon (Hebrew U.), Naomi Porat and Michael Beyth (Geological Survey of Israel). Funding provided by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).

Follow this link to an Israel Geological Society meeting abstract Gellman et al., 2013 that summarizes some of Yedidya's initial results. 

Part of this work has been submitted for publication:

Gellman, Y, Matmon, A, Mushkin, A, Porat, N. (Submitted). Drainage system reorganization and Late Quaternary tectonic deformation along the southern Dead Sea transform. (GSA Bulletin)