Amit Mushkin

Education –
Ph.D.  Department of Earth Space Sciences, University of Washington, March 2007.                   
Alan Gillespie
Thesis: Quaternary Deformation Across the Central Segment of the Gobi-Altay Fault System, Southwestern Mongolia.

M.Sc. Institute of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2001                       
Oded Navon, Moti Stein and Ludwik Halicz                        
Thesis: The Geology, Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Post-Orogenic Alkaline Rocks of Amram Massif, southern Israel.

B.Sc. Institute of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1998                       

Employment History
2/2008-present: Researcher, Geological Survey of Israel, Division of Engineering Geology and Geological Hazards.

6/2008 – present: Affiliate assistant professor, University of Washington.

3/2007-2/2008: Post-Doctoral research associate funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab as a participating member in the 2007 Mars Exploration Program ‘Phoenix’ lander mission to Mars.

2001-2007:      Research assistant, W.M. Keck Remote Sensing and Planetary Sciences Laboratory, University of Washington.

2005-2006: Field work, data processing and modeling surface roughness effects on thermal infrared data from NASA’s ASTER satellite.

2004-2005: Data processing, field work and algorithm development for ARO ‘desert trafficability’ project.

2003-2004: Data processing and algorithm research for NASA’s ASTER satellite.

2002-2003: Algorithm design for thermal infrared data acquired by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Multi-spectral Thermal Imager (MTI) satellite.

2001-2002: Data processing for a remote-sensing, EPA ‘stream temperature‘ project.

2002-2003:      Teaching assistant, Department of Earth & Space Sciences, University of Washington.

2000-2001:      Research and teaching assistant, Institute of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1998-2000:      Research assistant, Mass spectrometry lab, Geological Survey of Israel.

Professional Activities & Affiliations

                             (a) Professional Affiliations

 * 6/2008–present: Associate assistant professor, University of Washington.

 * 11/2007-present: Associate team member to NASA’s ASTER US satellite science team.


                            (b)   Membership in professional/scientific societies

 2007-2011 – American Geophysical Union (AGU)

 2007-present – Geological Society of America (GSA)

 2010-present – European Geophysical Union (EGU)

 2008-present – Israel Geological Society (IGS)


Educational activities

Research students

·                Eran Trabelsi, 2011-2013, M.Sc. Hebrew University – “Roughness Parameters for Dating Alluvial Surfaces”

·                Matias Groisman, 2011-2013, M.Sc.  Hebrew University – “Regressive and transgressive coastal erosion by waves and short-duration modern Dead Sea lake-level rises”

·                Guy Hetz, 2009-present, Ph.D. Ben Gurion University – “Constraining the age of desert alluvial fans using remote-sensing measurements of surface roughness”

·                Yedidya Gellman, 2012-present, M.Sc.  Hebrew University – “Geomorphic changes in drainage systems in the southern Arava as indicators for recent tectonic activity”


Funded Grants –

1. 2005, Geological Society of America, Amit Mushkin(PI) “Lateral slip rates on the Gobi Altay fault system”, 1,600$ (student grant).

2. 2006-2007, National Geographic Society, Amit Mushkin* & Alan Gillespie(PI) “Quaternary deformation along the Gobi-Altay fault system in southwestern Mongolia”, 33,855$.

3. 2007-2009, NASA, Amit Mushkin* & Alan Gillespie(PI), “Characterizing sub-pixel surface roughness on Mars from multi-angular orbital measurements”, 205,000$.

4. 2008-2010, US Department of Energy Alan Gillespie(PI) and Amit Mushkin**, “The Effects of Sub-pixel Heterogeneity on Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Measurements”, 789,427$.

5. 2008-2009, Israel Ministry of Infrastructures, Amit Mushkin(PI), " Determining the age of alluvial surfaces along the Dead Sea Transform using remotely sensed measurements of geomorphic roughness", $10,000.

6. 2009-2014, Israel Science Foundation, Amit Mushkin (PI) & Gidi Baer (PI) “Surface roughness as a new quantitative dating technique for desert alluvial surfaces”, 172,000$.

7. 2010–2013, Israel Ministry of Infrastructures,  Amit Mushkin(PI) & Oded Katz(PI), "Insights into the collapse mechanisms of Israel's coastal cliff", $ 270,000.

8. 2011-2012, Israel Ministry of Infrastructures, Amit Mushkin(PI) & Michael Beyth (PI), "Geomorphic changes in drainage systems in the southern Arava as indicators for recent tectonic activity", $ 9,500.

9. 2011-2015, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, Amit Mushkin(PI), Alan Gillespie(PI), Karl Hibbitts(PI), "Physical constraints on the composition of Martian slope streaks", $188,000.

10. 2012-2014, Israel Ministry of Infrastructures Amit Mushkin(PI) & Oded Katz(PI), “The Holocene retreat rate of Israel’s Mediterranean coastal cliff”, $96,000.

*Proposals formulated, written and submitted by AM as a graduate student and thus Gillespie is listed as the official PI.
** Proposal written by AM as a post-doc, with Gillespie as official PI.