Welcome to my website. I am a researcher at the Geological Survey of Israel and an affiliate assistant professor at the University of Washington, Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences

I study active surface processes and landscape evolution on Earth and Mars through field work, Quaternary dating techniques and remote sensing.  

Ph.D. – 2007, Earth & Space Sciences, University of Washington.
M.Sc. – 2001, Geology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
B.S. – 1998, Geology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
              email: mushkin@gsi.gov.il






Research Highlights: 

Sea cliff retreat processes and rates along Israel's Mediterranean coastCoastal cliff retreat processes and rates along Israel's Mediterranean coast line








Plio-Pleistocene landscape evolution processes and slip-rates along the Dead Sea and Altyn Tagh faults: New insights into the geodynamics of intracontinental strike-slip fault systems. In this project (funded by ISF-NSFC) we will employ field and satellite based compositional in addition to morphological piercing of lateral tectonic offsets (diagram on the right) . Compositional piercing is less susceptible to erosional processes and is therefore more likey to record ‘longer-range’/older offsets. Diagram at top right adapted from Meriaux et al. (2005).


IMG_4983 (Large)Surface processes along the Dead Sea Transform, Negev desert, southern Israel. Obtaining calibrated surface ages through ground-based LiDAR and/or spaceborne radar measurements.


Mars_streaks2Active surface processes on Mars. The dynamics and spectral characteristics of dark slope streaks on Mars (Amador etal., 2016; Hibbitts et al., 2016) suggest surface – near-surface brine activity under present-day conditions