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A feast for the eyes. Check out the video archives from Dr. Telemark Video Vault. Enjoy.


Frontcountry Dreams

A Day in the Clouds


The Cornice Col Tour

The Buck Mountain Tour


Poaching the Pow

Heather's Surprise

Cougar Mountain

Golden Gate Circuit

2010 Videos

Muir Snowfield 2010

Yodelin 2010

2009 Videos

Cowlitz Rock Tour

Mazama Ridge

Caribou Mountain

2008 Videos

Chinook Pass


Mt. Rainier Touring- March 2008


Mt.Baldy Ski Tour Touring the Chiwakum Mountains - Preview of the Backcountry Northwest DVD/Blu-Ray Ski Touring Guide



Muir Snowfield


Lewis Butte 06 (17MB) - a great private tour somewhere in Washington State.

Table Mountain 06 (9MB) - Short summer tour outside of Mt. Baker Ski Area July 06.  Done in the ski tour guide format.

The Muir-McClure Rock Tour - prime summer tour on Mt. Rainier  - June 06

Wallowa Powder Country (12MB) - Skiing in the Wallowa Mountains, Oregon - March 06.

Powder Dreams 2003  (2/03) - Scenes from Powder Creek Lodge in British Columbia, January 2003

Summer Skiing 2002 (9/02)- For those of you who wonder what we do in the Northwest all summer, here it is...

Winter Solstice (1.7 MB) - 4/02 Still photos blended into a video showcasing the beauty of the Northwest Backcountry

Mistaya (5 MB) - 2/02 - Here is a 2 minutes cut from a trip to Mistaya Lodge in Canada.  Amazing terrain to ski.

Rough Day (5 MB) 1/02 - What do you do with video from a day of amazing beauty but "sun-affected snow"?  Check out the Trail Report from the TeleGod, and then watch the video.  Now we know how Warren Miller does it...

        Here are the out takes: Out-takes from Rainier

The Turn (2 MB) 4/01- A 1 minute movie of the  slow motion telemark turns to get you into the visualization mode of "the turn"... (Real Media version)

Tele Tumbles (1 MB) - Wow, now this is a feast for the eyes.  Lots of telemarking wipeouts.

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