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Backcountry Northwest Ski Touring Guide Maps

This maps are designed for you reference to better see the routes and to take with you when you are out skiing or riding the tours on the Backcountry Northwest DVD. If you haven't picked up a copy, go to the E-store below:

The Createspace Store (Amazon's Publish on Demand Store)

3D Maps for the tours on the DVD will be available for download to print and take with you on your skiing adventures - check back on Dec. 15th, 2011.

MAP LEGEND: Red routes - uptrack

Blue Routes - descent options.


Here are the links to the Backcountry Northwest DVD Maps:

North Cascades

Artist Point Tour

Herman Saddle Tour

Table Mountain Tour

The Birthday Tour


Central Cascades

Cougar Mountain Tour

Heather Ridge Tour

Yodelin Tour


South Cascades

Muir Snowfield Tours

Mazama-Paradise Glacier Tour

Naches Peak Ski Tour


SOLO - Mt. Adams Guide and Film

Mt. Adams Tour


You don't have to be an extreme skier to enjoy telemark ski touring and mountaineering - there is room of all levels of skiers in the backcountry. It not about jumps and flips, it about being out in the winter wonderland we have in the NW with good friends and great snow.

Backcountry Risks
Touring in the backcountry has inherent risks that you assume if you venture out. Please be a responsible backcountry skier by learning how to access avalanche forecasts, read terrain and maps, and learn how to find safe routes to reach your destination. Be prepared with the right equipment and practice rescue techniques and beacon usage. Don't put others at risk by poor decision-making on your part. It is not someone else's responsibility -it's yours.

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