BPHYS 115 Winter 2012 Homepage

General Physics:Fluids, Thermodynamics, and Electricity and Magnetism
Matt DePies

Office:  UWBB-224
Email:  depies@phys.washington.edu
Phone:                          note: email is better than phone.

Office Hours:    T Th  2-3pm   UWBB-224   


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I.  Syllabus:  BCUSP 115 General Physics (xls)                     

II.  Class Schedule and Reading Assignments(xls)

III.  Extra Problems

IV.  Exams:

Old Exams



Exam 1

Exam 1
2nd Exam 1

Notesheet 1 PDF

Exam 2

and Exam2

Notesheet 2 PDF           

Exam 3

Exam 3
Exam 3

Notesheet 3 PDF

Final Exam