Lecture Instructor's Comments

  • First and foremost I would like to say welcome to physics at the UW Bothell.  For some of you this may be your first physics course, and I hope you enjoy many facets of this intellectual endeavour.  I will do my best to make the quarter an enjoyable experience and appreciate in class participation and questions from students.  Always feel free to ask questions, and if I can't respond in class, please come to my office.
  • BCUSP 143 is the first of a three-quarter sequence of algebra-based introductory physics courses. You should find this course challenging and stimulating, though perhaps it will not fit your preconceptions of what a university physics course should be. I hope that you also find it to be interesting and enjoyable. Have a great quarter!
  • You are strongly encouraged to visit with me regularly during office hours, by appointment, by e-mail, etc. Get used to the idea of seeing the Professor outside of class during the quarter; it will pay off for you in many ways as the years go by! This will not happen unless YOU take the initiative, and now is a great time to start.
  • Memorization of material is not particularly helpful in this class. Your goal in this class should be to understand how each new topic is related to all of the previous material, and how the concepts, rules and formulae can be applied to solve real-world problems. Never let anything go by if you do not understand. Generally, ask questions immediately. If it is inconvenient to interrupt, make a quick note to yourself and inquire later.
  • My sincere hope is that you will come to view the world in a new way, as I have after learning physics.  For the most part the hard work of succeeding in a physics course is up the student.  One can think one has understood the material, but if one is unable to apply the knowledge, the subject was not truly learned!
  • General Comments

    Grading Policy

    Concurrent enrollment in BCUSP 143 lecture and LAB BCUSP 146 lab is mandatory; students will receive a combined grade for lecture and lab. The final course grade is based on the best two of three midterms, the final exam, the HW, potential supplemental HW, and lecture exercises (using the new infrared response system), and lab participation and reports.  The lecture instructor may adjust individual final grades by no more than 0.2 grade points (about 5 % out of 4.0 possible) based on records from the lecture infrared response system and/or the supplemental homework related to the lecture. All percentages  in the summary below are used to determine your raw grade, before this adjustment is applied.