TA: Matthew Gliboff
             Office Hours: 1:10-2:20 pm in Physics Study Center room AM018
             Email: glib@u.washington.edu, Office: CHB 223

Lecture Instructor's Comments

General Comments

Grading Policy

The final course grade is based on the two midterms, the final exam, HW, and possibly lecture exercises. However, the lecture instructor may adjust individual final grades by no more than 0.2 grade points (about 5 % out of 4.0 possible) based on records from the lecture radio frequency response system and/or the supplemental homework related to the lecture. All percentages discussed in the policy statement and in the summary below are used to determine your raw grade, before this adjustment is applied.

The Physics Study Center

Students are encouraged to gather and work cooperatively in small groups in the Physics Study Center located in room AM018 of PAB. (to reach the Physics Study Center, go down the stairs that circle behind the Foucault pendulum and proceed toward the end of the hall). Teaching assistants will be available for consultation during many portions of the day if your study group needs assistance, but staffing levels will not support much individual attention. The Study Center is staffed from approximately 9:30am to 4:30pm on weekdays.

Class Policies

Attendance Policy: Since participation is vital for a successful experience, please arrive on time for class. Late arrivals interrupt our in-progress activities and discussions. If you must miss a class session, let the instructor know as soon as possible so that you can make up the work that you miss. DO NOT ARRIVE LATE TO CLASS!

Technology in the Classroom: Since technology is profoundly linked to education, there will be many times when I ask that you employ different tools in the gathering and expression of knowledge. Since, however, education is also
more than technology, please turn off all laptops, cell phones, iPods, etc before the start of class and I will let you know when we’ll make use of them. (There are exceptions for students with specific note-taking and other needs.)

Incompletes: University rules state that “an incomplete is given only when the student has been in attendance and has done satisfactory work until within two weeks at the end of the quarter and has furnished proof satisfactory to the instructor that the work cannot be completed because of illness or other circumstances beyond the student’s control.” We strongly discourage incompletes.

UW SafeCampus

 Preventing violence is everyone's responsibility. If you're concerned, tell someone.
* Always call 911 if you or others may be in danger.
* Call 206-685-SAFE (7233) to report non-urgent threats of violence and for referrals to UW counseling and/or safety resources. TTY or VP callers, please call through your preferred relay service.
* Don't walk alone. Campus safety guards can walk with you on campus after dark. Call Husky NightWalk 206-685-WALK (9255).
* Stay connected in an emergency with UW Alert. Register your mobile number to receive instant notification of campus emergencies via text and voice messaging. Sign up online at www.washington.edu/alert For more information visit the SafeCampus website at *www.washington.edu/safecampus*.