Physics 123A Winter 2010 Homepage

Oscillations, Waves, Optics, and Modern Physics

Matt DePies

Office:  Physics/Astronomy Building, B257
Office Hours:  Office PAB B257     11:30-12:30 MW  and by appointment                                

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Travelling Waves Handout

I.  Syllabus(HTML):  Physics 123                              

II.  Class Schedule and Reading Assignments(pdf)

III.  Extra Problems

IV. H-ITT Clicker Registration.
V.  Tutorial Homepage and Pretests

VI.  Exams:

Exam 1

Notesheet 1 pdf
MC: ddcbdcdcbcb
Exam1 Written
Exam1 Tutorial
Exam 2

Notesheet 2 pdf
MC:  ccdcb
Exam2: Written
Exam 2: Tutorial
Exam 3

Notesheet 3 pdf
MC: aaaadabbdc
Exam3: Written
Exam3:  Tutorial
Final Exam